Security Tips:

XP Menace

Did you know Microsoft no longer supports its Windows XP operating system and has ceased issuing security patches as of April 8, 2014? The continued use of Microsoft's Windows XP could put you at increased risk to security and viruses. Microsoft reported computers that continue to operate with Windows XP after April 8th will become five times more vulnerable to these risks. If you currently operate with Windows XP we recommend you upgrade to another operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Heartbleed Bug Update:


The Heartbleed Bug is a vulnerability in OpenSSL, an open-source encryption technology used by two-thirds of web servers.  However, Pima Federal does not utilize OpenSSL on either our website or our home banking (including Bill Pay).  For this reason, both our website and home banking sites are safe and secure. Pima Federal considers data security a top priority and will remain ever-vigilant of potential and actual threats and take appropriate action.










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