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Have you changed your password lately? We encourage our members to change their passwords often to protect their information. This applies to our site, but really any other sites where you have an account or information stored. Some tips are to use a password that is long, hard to guess, could not be found in your wallet, includes letters, numbers and punctuation, and misspelled words.

Unusual Payment Card Activity at Home Depot

We want you to know we take security seriously.  We’re closely monitoring the recent news about a payment card compromise involving Home Depot.  Home Depot has confirmed that they are investigating unusual activity that could indicate a security breach and more information can be found on their website.  We are working closely with our card processor and VISA and have identified Pima Federal debit and credit cards that may be at risk.  We have begun setting future close dates, issuing new card numbers, and sending out letters to members whose cards may have been compromised.

In the meantime, if you used your Pima Federal debit or credit card at Home Depot from April of this year to last week, please be sure to monitor your account activity and report any fraudulent charges right away. You may also be proactive and contact us to request to have a new card issued before any fraudulent activity may occur. 

Please take extra care if you receive any official-looking emails, letters, text messages, or phone calls that claim to be from Home Depot or your card issuer asking for personal information.  If you have an online account with this retailer, its recommended to change your passwords and verify the security on all of your devices.  Also remember that you can check your credit report from each credit bureau every twelve months absolutely free at 


The safety and soundness of our members’ information is a top concern and we’ll continue to closely follow this news and take appropriate action.

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